Collaboration. Negotiation. Mediation.

Our Mission

At Cheryl Watson Smith, P.C. we strive to provide professional and personal legal, mediation and Collaborative services to each client by explaining the litigation, negotiation, mediation, and Collaboration processes; exploring the pros and cons of each process for their family; investigating the case’s facts and helping clients identify what is important to them; develop a comprehensive strategy and pursue peaceful, respectful and durable resolutions. Therefore, I do not accept any court-contested divorce-related matters.

Our Vision

  • To assist clients in seeking peaceful, respectful and durable solutions for themselves and their family.

  • To support, guide and advise families and individuals in conflict through Collaboration, Mediation, or Negotiation.

  • To connect individuals and families in crisis with needed resources and legal services.

Collaborative Divorce

Why litigate when you can collaborate?

Separation, Divorce, Property Settlements, Support, Custody and Visitation conflicts can be heart-wrenching and devastating to you and your children. You may be struggling to make life changing decisions when you are emotionally fragile and financially insecure.

Don’t go it alone. Consider a process that provides trained legal, emotional and financial professionals who come along side you as part of a Collaborative Divorce settlement team.

It is your family, your finances, and your future. You have choices of how you will expend your emotional and financial resources such as fighting it out in court and letting a judge decide your future or working respectfully and peacefully to seek durable resolutions that are acceptable to everyone in the family.

Call today for a consultation regarding Collaborative Divorce and other process options for resolving your family dispute respectfully. (Each party must have their own trained Collaborative attorney.)


Let’s get this done!

When the issues are straight forward, information is readily available, each party is emotionally ready to seek resolution and there is some measure of communication, then negotiating an acceptable resolution, signing a Separation & Property Settlement Agreement and seeking an uncontested divorce may be an option. Call today for a consultation to determine which process option is right for you and your family. (In Virginia, one attorney may only represent one spouse in a divorce.)


What did you say?

Disputes can arise when we can’t “hear” one another. Often our own fears and concerns create impasse to communication. Mediation provides an opportunity to listen and to be heard.

Call today to schedule your Mediation Orientation Session. Mediators cannot provide legal advice or legal services.
(All Parties Required to Attend)


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